Young people are one of our city’s greatest resources, but if we fail to give them opportunities to flourish, then we are neglecting New Orleans’ future.

LaToya’s commitment to empowering our youth to contribute to public service and a productive society is founded in her own experiences as a young person. Her grandmother regularly took her to neighborhood meetings, and by the time she was 13, she was secretary of her local chamber of commerce.

LaToya’s Plan for Youth / Millennial Engagement

  • Connect and facilitate organizations serving youth and young professionals. While the Mayor’s office doesn’t directly oversee or fund public education, the office can serve as a connector and facilitator between the public and private entities invested in education / youth and young professionals.
  • Leverage our universities. There is no concentration of institutions of higher learning anywhere in the South like New Orleans. We should leverage these resources, market them to the world and capitalize on their research by helping them create new business opportunities. We also need to connect graduates of our local universities to job opportunities, so they will stay and contribute to our future.
  • Provide job training and continuing education opportunities. Leverage the new Career and Technical Education center that OPSB is creating to provide adult education in areas of local job growth, including health, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, and water management.
  • Support job opportunity for young professionals. LaToya has supported entrepreneurship through consistent partnership with startup accelerators like Propeller and Idea Village, meeting one-on-one with many young entrepreneurs. She has sponsored career fairs with organizations like NOTMC and the New Orleans Convention & Visitors’ Bureau. As Mayor, LaToya will continue those activities and support new businesses in advanced manufacturing, digital media, renewable energy and water management that provide high-paying jobs.
  • Support affordability and economic development. As a Councilmember, LaToya has advocated for and created more affordable housing so New Orleans can be a more affordable place to live. Affordable housing and economic development are of high concern to our young professional community, and are central parts of LaToya’s overall policy platform. See those pages for more!
  • Improve and sustain quality of life in the city. As for all our residents, young professionals are concerned about public safety, pumps and drainage, and city infrastructure. See those pages for more!