As the mother of 9-year old RayAnn, LaToya knows first-hand that the future and livelihood of New Orleans depends on the hard work of its dedicated women.

Women are a strong force in improving our city’s community, economy, and infrastructure.  However, Louisiana remains ranked last in the nation for women’s quality-of-life issues. The wage gap between men and women in our city persists; the number of single-mother families continues to grow, and more women than men fall below the poverty line.  Further, while women account for more than 50% of New Orleans’ population and registered voters, they hold less than 15% of seats on 100-plus City-appointed boards and commissions, which influence resource distribution and policy implementation throughout our city.


As Mayor, LaToya will address the city’s inequities head-on, and she believes that women must be at the forefront of these efforts. She will:

  • Create a commission that ensures equity and transparency in city appointments, departmental staffing, and city contracts.  
  • Continue work in combating HIV/AIDS by instituting a comprehensive sexual education program.
  • Lobby the state legislature for equal pay for equal work.
  • Support a $15/hour minimum wage.
  • Create an Office of Youth and Families that will coordinate City services such as NORDC, libraries, private sports leagues, health clinics and arts and cultural programs to work with schools and other educators.  

In addition, LaToya will continue supporting women in many of the same ways she has done as a Councilmember:

  • Spearheaded a resolution that formally commits New Orleans to the fight against gender discrimination.
  • Worked with countless community partners to implement the city’s annual “NOLA HIV/AIDS Awareness Week.”   
  • Created a School Transportation Safety Working Group, which ultimately led to the creation of the Safe Routes to School office within the City’s Health Department.
  • Served with Women of the Storm, a non-political, non-partisan group of Louisiana women that advocated the U.S. Congress for the New Orleans area’s recovery, coastal restoration and hurricane protection.
  • Started the Women of Steel awards for recognizing women leaders in city government.