Simply increasing enforcement and incarceration has proven disastrous for the community, and has failed to protect us. As Mayor, LaToya will continue her track record of supporting real reforms to the criminal justice system to end the prison pipeline.

In addition, from her many years as a community leader and City Councilmember, LaToya knows that the best opportunity for making New Orleans a safer city is by directly improving people’s lives. That’s why LaToya leads her public safety plan with “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job,” which emphasizes expanding vocational training and connecting our people with living wage employment.


As Mayor, LaToya will support criminal justice system reform that invests in diversion, provides for witness protection and helps victims of crime. Specifically, she will:

  • Reform our fine and fee structure.
  • Provide re-entry opportunities for ex-offenders.
  • Continue to support Ban the Box, which was passed into state law in 2017, and ends discrimination against roughly 100,000 local people with criminal records.
  • Help victims through restitution.
  • Develop an effective witness protection program.
  • Work with the DA’s and criminal justice reform groups such as Voice of the Ex-Offender to drive down the prosecution of nonviolent offenses.
  • Work with the Council, New Orleans state delegation and the Louisiana Public Defender Board to increase funding for the Orleans Parish Public Defenders.
  • Create an Office of Youth and Families to provide case management and connect families to services and economic / educational opportunity.
  • “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job.” Implement a major job creation and job-training program to reduce violence among our at-risk population:
    • Create a pay-for-success (social impact bond) program to create jobs. The program will pay for itself in long term savings through reduced criminal justice and healthcare costs to the city.
    • Connect at-risk citizens to living wage jobs and job training.
    • Pay for the program long term through cost savings.


On the City Council, LaToya has:

  • Voted in favor of maintaining the 1,438 cap in Orleans Parish Prison, and will continue to support this policy as Mayor.
  • Voted in favor of the municipal bail reform Ordinance, to ensure people are not held in jail because they cannot pay their bond for arrests for minor offenses.
  • Been a proponent of the low barrier homeless shelter with wrap-around substance abuse and mental health services, which could serve as an alternative point of care rather than the jail or the E.R.

Created a program with Municipal and Traffic courts so people could complete community service hours in lieu of paying court fees and fines, As Mayor, LaToya will work to expand this to low level criminal offenses.