LaToya has been an advocate for our LGBTQ residents and issues that impact the LGBTQ community for many years, and will continue to be a strong advocate as Mayor.

LaToya has supported marriage equality, adoption, access to healthcare for people living with HIV, better relations between the LGBTQ community and law enforcement, and has stood with the transgender community. LaToya was honored with the LGBT Community Center’s Allies Award and has been an ally for LGBTQ citizens while on the City Council.

As Mayor, LaToya will:

  • Create a LGBTQ liaison office in City Hall.
  • Issue municipal IDs that would make it easier and less costly for name and gender identity changes.
  • Increase access to services and medications for those with HIV.

In addition, LaToya will continue supporting the community in many of the same ways she has done as a Councilmember:

  • Recognized and helped sponsor annual HIV/AIDS Awareness Week.
  • Authored and introduced the first-ever City Council resolution in 2013 that established June as Gay Pride Month.
  • Authored the “Welcoming Cities” resolution, which was unanimously passed by the City Council and impacts marginalized groups including the LGBTQ community.
  • Highlighted gay and transgender discrimination at the Council Community Development Committee meeting.
  • Authored a City Proclamation honoring the first legally recognized male married couple in New Orleans.
  • Advocated on the behalf of Planned Parenthood so the organization can provide more services to those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Advocated in favor of sexual education classes in New Orleans Public Schools.
  • Consistently met with gay rights organizations and advocates to hear their voices and concerns.