As Mayor, LaToya will Make us safe, Create better-paying jobs, Prioritize our neighborhoods, Restore affordability and fight for a more equitable New Orleans

MAKE US SAFE “Stop the bleeding on our streets”   

Identify, apprehend, and incarcerate people who commit violent crimes:

  • Focus on improving homicide and crime lab performance;
  • Involve state and federal law enforcement to put more “boots on the ground”; and
  • Collaboration with criminal justice partners to ensure that clearance and conviction rates improve.

Build trust and confidence in each neighborhood through active interaction with citizens.

  • Utilize Next Door technology to provide instant access to report criminal activities;
  • Revive monthly Comstat crime review and involve citizens; and
  • Support effective crime intervention organizations such as New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, Peace Keepers and CrimeStoppers.

Community collaboration to identify and appoint a police chief with community policing success:

  • National and internal search for best police chief;
  • Provide autonomy, authority and funding to revamp and revitalize NOPD; and
  • Improve pay and benefits to retain and recruit quality police officers.

Criminal justice system reform that invests in diversion, provides for witness protection and helps victims of crime

  • Reform our fine and fee structure;
  • Provide re-entry opportunities for ex-offenders;
  • Help victims through restitution, and
  • Develop an effective witness protection program.


Implement a major job creation and job-training program to reduce violence among our at-risk population:

  • Create a pay-for-success program that provides upfront up front revenue to invest in job creation
  • Connect at-risk citizens to living wage jobs and job training
  •  Pay for the program long term through cost savings

JOBS, BUSINESS, TRANSPORTATION: “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job!”

Connect workers to living wage jobs

  • Support job training programs that prepare local citizens for available jobs (Career and Technical Education Center, Job1, Youth Works and YouthForce);
  • Support new businesses in advanced manufacturing, digital media, renewable energy and water management that provide high-paying jobs;
  • Provide access to capital and resources to small business (Such as: barbershops, beauty saloons, cleaners, hardware stores, neighborhood-based businesses);
  • Encourage hiring of locally born and educated New Orleanians in the hospitality industry and large-scale employers like the Port, and UMC;
  • Mandate at least 35% DBE participation in City contracts.
  • Improve public transportation options, and encourage regional economic development.
STREETS, WATER, BLIGHT “Coordinate services / Stop nickeling and diming citizens”

Create a dual program that invests in both physical and human infrastructure.

  • Dedicate revenue from development projects to maintain streets and water system.
  • Increase departmental coordination for street and water, electric, and cable utilities;
  • Improve enforcement on businesses and landlords that create blight.
  • Improve dumping and blight enforcement and increase private cleanup efforts.  
  • Increase City worker pay and reward good work with merit increases.
  • Suspend the traffic camera program until proven to improve traffic safety.
EMPOWER NEIGHBORHOODS “Provide affordable housing options for local citizens”

  • Increase economic activity in struggling neighborhoods by targeting resources and development incentives / Relocate city government offices.  
  • Offer incentives for landlords to moderate rent.  
  • Encourage new housing in keeping with the character and affordability of our neighborhoods.
  • Transfer remaining Road Home properties to new homeowners / Incentives for local citizens.
  • Encourage employers to provide down payment assistance for their employees
  • Reform the lien process and provide property tax relief to struggling families.
  • Help families own homes and build wealth / First-time owner tax abatement program.
  • Prioritize vacant property development and increase access to capital for development.
YOUTH AND FAMILIES “Our future depends on our investment in youth”

  • Create an Office of Youth and Families that will coordinate City services such as NORDC, libraries, private sports leagues, health clinics and arts and cultural programs to work with schools and other educators.  
  • Work with the Orleans Parish School Board to insure equity as we move toward a Unified Public School System.
  • Ensure case management opportunities to help families in crisis.