Healthcare is both a quality of life metric and means of economic development and growth for our city.

Improving health for residents has been a priority for LaToya as a leader both at the neighborhood and city level:

  • As a neighborhood leader, LaToya led the charge to create Broadmoor Community Care, a community health clinic that offers sliding scale fees for accessible services from social workers.
  • As a Councilmember, LaToya worked to expand Medicaid coverage for city residents. She also helped to protect the health of service industry workers and casino employees from secondhand smoke with the “Smoke-Free” ordinance.

As Mayor, LaToya will continue to work for programs and initiatives to improve the health and wellness of all our residents, especially those with high needs — including our seniors and marginalized communities.

LaToya’s Healthcare / Wellness Plan

  • Fight for the continuance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid expansion
  • Make sure the City Health Department plays a role in ensuring health outcomes for our citizens.
  • Create an Office of Youth and Families to coordinate City services such as NORDC, libraries, private sports leagues, health clinics and arts and cultural programs to work with schools and other educators. This will promote the mental and physical health of our youth and families.  
  • Facilitate the healthcare industry in New Orleans. Make sure we connect the dots between all of our healthcare resources, such as UMC, the VA, and our medical schools. Connect these institutional resources with regional growth opportunities.
  • Continue to promote a low barrier homeless shelter that will provide wraparound substance abuse and mental health services. This could serve as an alternative point of care for our residents with high needs, rather than the jail or the E.R. Also, ensure police are trained in de-escalation and crisis intervention.
  • Expand the model of sliding-scale fee community health clinics that also provide social services throughout the city, especially in areas with the greatest needs.