LaToya’s economic and commercial development plan is based on her career spent working on the front lines to help people fulfill their goals and dreams for a better life – at both the neighborhood and city level.

  • As a former neighborhood leader, LaToya knows what it feels like when your city ignores your neighborhood. She’s committed to working on behalf of all neighborhoods to expand opportunity, equitably.
  • As a Councilmember, LaToya has worked to bring large-scale, complex development projects to reality. Economic development isn’t as easy as waving a wand to create jobs. LaToya knows what it takes to grow business and real economic opportunity in our city, and she has years of experience doing it.


As Mayor, LaToya will create an inclusive, equitable economic development environment that will grow our city. Further, she will ensure that everyone benefits from that growth — in New Orleans East, Algiers, Downtown, Gentilly, Lakeview, the Ninth Ward, and in all our other neighborhoods.


LaToya’s Economic / Commercial Development Plan

  • Increase equity and opportunity
    • Increase economic activity in struggling neighborhoods by targeting resources and development incentives, and relocating city government offices to those areas.
    • Support a $15 minimum wage.
    • Work with New Orleans state legislative delegation, the City Council, and the New Orleans Congressional delegation to erase the wage gap, so Louisiana women earn as much as their male counterparts.
    • Continue to support Ban the Box, which was passed into state law in 2017.
  • “Connect workers to living wage jobs.” Support workers and connect people to education, training and job opportunities
    • Connect at-risk citizens to living wage jobs / job training
    • Create a pay-for-success (social impact bond) program to create jobs and pay for itself in long-term savings to the city.
    • Support job training programs that prepare local citizens for available jobs (New OPSB Career and Technical Education Center, Job1, Youth Works and YouthForce).
    • Encourage hiring of locally born and educated New Orleanians in the hospitality industry and large-scale employers like the Port of New Orleans and UMC.
    • Leverage partnerships with NO’s colleges and universities to create new business opportunities, prioritize hiring graduates.
    • Mandate at least 35% DBE participation in City contracts.
  • Support businesses and encourage and incentivize growth in industries of the future.
    • Support new businesses in advanced manufacturing, digital media, renewable energy and water management that provide high-paying jobs.
    • Provide access to capital and resources to small business (Such as: barbershops, beauty salons, cleaners, hardware stores, neighborhood-based businesses, tech startups) so they can scale and stay.
  • Foster a growth environment.
    • Create a consistent, transparent and efficient playing field for city contracts.
    • Improve on public safety and infrastructure.
    • Improve public transportation options, and encourage regional economic development.


LaToya’s Economic / Commercial Development Track Record

  • On the City Council, LaToya worked with developers on projects that created jobs, reduced blight and provided business to business opportunities.
  • LaToya supported entrepreneurship through consistent partnership with startup accelerators like Propeller and Idea Village.
  • LaToya supported job opportunity by sponsoring career fairs with organizations like NOTMC and the New Orleans Convention & Visitors’ Bureau.