From her many years as a community leader and City Councilmember, LaToya knows that the best opportunity for making New Orleans a safer city is by directly improving people’s lives.

Simply increasing enforcement and incarceration has proven disastrous for the community, and has failed to protect us. That’s why LaToya leads her public safety plan with “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job,” which emphasizes expanding vocational training and connecting our people with living wage employment.

At the same time, LaToya will implement a comprehensive, strategic crime plan, based on her deep experience working with the city budget and with city agencies tasked with ensuring public safety. LaToya’s plan will increase the New Orleans Police Department’s ability to solve cases, reduce and prevent crime, and stop the bleeding on our streets.


LaToya’s Public Safety / Crime Plan

“Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job.” Implement a major job creation and job-training program to reduce violence among our at-risk population:

  • Create a pay-for-success (social impact bond) program to create jobs. The program will pay for itself in long term savings through reduced criminal justice and healthcare costs to the city.
  • Connect at-risk citizens to living wage jobs and job training
  • Pay for the program long term through cost savings

Identify, apprehend, and incarcerate people who commit violent crimes:

  • Expand TIGER (Tactical Intelligence Gathering Enforcement Response) Unit: Like a surgical knife that focuses on trends and patterns of violent crimes and individuals instead of geographic areas. This increases violent crime solve rates and prevents violent crimes from occurring. Already shown success in armed robberies
  • Target violent criminal activity instead of geographic areas. Align police staffing to this so NOPD becomes more efficient and so that average citizens don’t feel targeted because of where they live
  • Focus on gun crime investigations rather than petty crimes
  • Improve homicide and crime lab performance
  • Involve state and federal law enforcement to put more “boots on the ground”
  • Collaborate with criminal justice partners to ensure that clearance and conviction rates improve

Build trust and confidence in each neighborhood through active interaction with citizens:

  • Coordinate quality of life enforcement that can lead to crime: One stop shop for reporting problem businesses and properties, so that one city entity is accountable for noise, streetlights out, lack of permits etc.
  • Phone and online reporting petty crimes instead of having police come to residences. Make the reporting process more efficient for both citizens and police officers
  • Utilize Next Door technology to provide instant alerts of ongoing criminal activities
  • Encourage and facilitate neighborhood meetings with residents and officers
  • Involve citizens in weekly Comstat crime reviews
  • Support effective crime intervention organizations such as New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, Peace Keepers and CrimeStoppers

Community collaboration to identify and appoint a police chief with community policing success:

  • National and internal search for best police chief
  • Provide autonomy, authority and funding to revamp and revitalize NOPD
  • Chief will develop a long-term plan, focusing on crime reduction, community policing, recruitment and retention, and technology upgrades

Recruiting and retaining high quality police officers:

  • Expand employee assistance program: have a wellness program that helps officers deal with alcoholism, family issues, mental health etc. Focus on prevention as much as reaction to issues
  • Streamline recruitment and onboarding process when hiring veteran officers from other jurisdictions
  • Transition to built in annual raises instead of sporadic big raises. Helps NOPD stay competitive and is better for city budgeting

Criminal justice system reform that invests in diversion, provides for witness protection and helps victims of crime:

  • Reform our fine and fee structure
  • Provide re-entry opportunities for ex-offenders
  • Help victims through restitution
  • Develop an effective witness protection program