As Mayor, LaToya’s platform focuses on these key goals: Making us safe, creating better-paying jobs, prioritizing our neighborhoods, restoring affordability, and fighting for a more equitable New Orleans. These priorities are of central concern to all of us, but black men and youth in New Orleans continue to be disproportionately affected by issues such as joblessness and underemployment, high rates of violent crime and incarceration, and housing instability and homelessness.

From her many years as a community leader and City Councilmember, LaToya knows that the best opportunity for making New Orleans a safer city is by directly improving people’s lives. That’s why LaToya leads her public safety plan with “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job,” which emphasizes expanding vocational training and connecting our people with living wage employment:

  • Implement a major job creation and job-training program to reduce violence among our at-risk population:
  • Create a pay-for-success (social impact bond) program to create jobs. The program will pay for itself in long term savings through reduced criminal justice and healthcare costs to the city.
  • Connect at-risk citizens to living wage jobs and job training.
  • Pay for the program long term through cost savings.


To fight high unemployment and underemployment rates among our African American men, LaToya will support policies to expand opportunities for workers and businesses:

    • Increase equity and opportunity
      • Increase economic activity in struggling neighborhoods by targeting resources and development incentives, and relocating city government offices to those areas.
      • Support a $15 minimum wage.
      • Work with New Orleans state legislative delegation, the City Council, and the New Orleans Congressional delegation to erase the wage gap, so Louisiana women earn as much as their male counterparts.
      • Continue to support Ban the Box, which was passed into state law in 2017.
    • Support workers and connect people to education, training and job opportunities
      • Support job training programs that prepare local citizens for available jobs (New OPSB Career and Technical Education Center, Job1, Youth Works and YouthForce).
      • Encourage hiring of locally born and educated New Orleanians in the hospitality industry and large-scale employers like the Port of New Orleans and UMC.
      • Leverage partnerships with NO’s colleges and universities to create new business opportunities, prioritize hiring graduates.
      • Mandate at least 35% DBE participation in City contracts.


To promote housing affordability and build neighborhoods and communities, LaToya will:

  • Revitalize neighborhoods – e.g., target resources / move city government offices to struggling neighborhoods.
  • Support affordability – e.g., incentivize landlords to moderate rents.
  • Help families build wealth in community – e.g., fully implement the Mow to Own program to allow residents to purchase an adjoining lot if they spend a year maintaining it.

For more, see LaToya’s Affordable Housing Plan.


In addition, LaToya is committed to continuing her track record of supporting criminal justice reforms. Specifically, she will:

  • Reform our fine and fee structure.
  • Provide re-entry opportunities for ex-offenders.
  • Continue to support Ban the Box, which was passed into state law in 2017, and an end to discrimination against roughly 100,000 local people with criminal records.
  • Help victims through restitution.
  • Develop an effective witness protection program.
  • Work with the DA’s and criminal justice reform groups such as Voice of the Ex-Offender to drive down the prosecution of nonviolent offenses.
  • Work to mitigate the school-to-prison pipeline.
    • Work with the city’s public school system to develop conflict resolution programs and reduce the police presence in schools.
    • Create an Office of Youth and Families to provide case management and connect families to services and economic / educational opportunity.