New Orleans is experiencing a housing affordability crisis. As Mayor, LaToya will use all of the tools at her disposal to revitalize neighborhoods while preserving their historic character, support affordability for all residents, and help families to build wealth by staying in their communities.

LaToya’s Affordable Housing Plan


  • Target resources / move city government offices to struggling neighborhoods.
    • Prioritize vacant property development and increase access to capital for development.
    • Develop affordable housing in keeping with the character of neighborhoods.
  • Support affordability
    • Incentivize landlords to moderate rents.
    • Pass smart housing mix legislation that would mandate a percentage of  affordable housing in new developments.
    • Reform lien process and provide property tax relief.
    • Increase enforcement of Short Term Rentals (STRs).
  • Help families build wealth in community
    • Create a first-time homebuyer tax abatement program.
    • Fully implement the Mow to Own program to allow residents to purchase an adjoining lot if they spend a year maintaining it.
    • Transfer remaining Road Home properties to new owners and incentivize local residents to purchase.
    • Encourage employers to provide downpayment assistance.


LaToya’s Affordable Housing Track Record

  • Exposed the problems occurring in the state’s Road Home program recovery fund; worked with Office of Community Development to secure $1M to pay for local case managers to assist homeowners in fairly resolving their cases.
  • Reformed the NHIF (Neighborhood Housing Improvement Fund), the city’s housing trust fund, to increase affordable housing funds.
  • Authored a density bonus to encourage increase affordability.
  • Authored rental registry legislation and inclusionary zoning legislation.
  • Worked with housing advocates and developers to address the affordable housing crisis.


Short-Term Rentals

The impact of short-term rentals (STRs, including Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO and others) on affordability and quality of life has gained local attention in our city. The city ordinances regulating STRs were passed in December 2016. Thousands of STRs existed in New Orleans prior to the passage of the ordinances. 

LaToya believes that the City needs to continue working on a realistic, enforceable regulatory system for STRs. As District B Councilmember, LaToya strove to make STR regulations realistic. She worked to generate funds for affordable housing from STR revenue, encouraged the creation of enforceable, commonsense regulations, and fought unsuccessfully to limit STRs to properties with a homestead exemption (i.e., if you live in the house).


As Mayor, LaToya is committed to working with the Council, neighborhoods, and property owners on amendments that create balance, equity, and effective enforcement to stabilize neighborhoods. Specifically, she will:

  • Review the current regulations on the books to see what’s working and what needs to change.
  • Consider limiting short term rentals to properties with a homestead exemption, as she fought for during the prior Council vote on STR regulation.
  • Increase enforcement of existing STR regulations to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules.

LaToya’s recent motion to tighten the laws on commercial short-term rentals was passed unanimously by the City Council on Thursday, Oct. 26. Get full details here.