LaToya Wins in a Landslide Victory!

Building off a campaign that stressed people and building a better and more equitable New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell cruised to an impressive 20 point victory on Saturday, November 18. Although the celebration began early at the Jazz Market, it lasted well into the night, and the biggest highlight was LaToya’s victory speech. Her mother, Etta Williams, introduced LaToya and when LaToya stepped to the microphone, the applause exploded.

“Almost 300 years…almost 300 years, and New Orleans, we’re still making history,” LaToya told a cheering crowd.

Thanking God, her family, friends and supporters, LaToya stressed that the victory belonged to the people.

“This victory is not about LaToya Cantrell. This campaign did not start with self; it only started and has been rooted in the people of the City of New Orleans,” LaToya said.

LaToya’s win might have capped off an historic campaign, but make no mistake, New Orleans, LaToya is only getting started. Announcements will be coming soon regarding the transition and how LaToya will continue listening, building consensus, and delivering results that New Orleans can count on!