Democracy For America Endorses LaToya Cantrell for Mayor of New Orleans

Democracy For America has endorsed LaToya Cantrell for Mayor of New Orleans.

Part of DFA’s mission is to support “Democrats who fight for progressive values and progressive change,” and they found LaToya to fit that description.

“LaToya Cantrell has built an incredible progressive track record in City Council and Democracy for America is proud to endorse her campaign for Mayor. As Mayor, she will work tirelessly to build a more vibrant, just, equitable New Orleans, where everyone, not just the wealthiest few, have the opportunity to thrive. From her work for affordable housing and community development to her advocacy around criminal justice reform and ending the school-to-prison pipeline, LaToya Cantrell is modeling a vision of municipal leadership grounded in racial and economic justice.

“On DFA: We have over 1 million members nationwide and 11,867 members in Louisiana, and since our founding, we’ve raised over $40 million and made more than 11 million calls for progressive candidates up and down the ballot.”