LaToya Moves into Run-off: calls for televised debates

Coming off of her impressive victory in Saturday’s election, LaToya Cantrell feels thankful, but is also putting into action her plan for the November 18 run-off, which includes debates.


“I want to thank all of those who supported me and voted for me on Saturday,” LaToya says. “Our grassroots approach, which includes the greatest group of volunteers ever, has been and will continue to be about reaching out to all of our diverse neighborhoods and people in New Orleans. People really responded and we saw that in Saturday’s results—residents want change and they want a candidate that listens, builds consensus and takes action.”


LaToya intends on running a positive campaign. She believes that it’s essential for voters to find out about the candidate’s past record, how they stand on various critical problems, and what they have planned to address those problems. In that spirit, Cantrell is calling for three live televised debates.


“Our people deserve these debates, and they need to see the candidates sticking to the issues without negativity, but with an eye for creating a better and safer city for all,” LaToya says.


As a current City Councilmember and a former Broadmoor community leader, LaToya notes that the turnout for Saturday’s election was low. As she’s previously said, that’s partially due to people feeling disconnected from the process.


“I feel it’s up to us to give the people a reason to vote,” she explains. “I understand why people feel left out, but I want to invite them to join with us and our movement in making an inclusive city for all individuals and their families. And if you voted for another candidate on Saturday, please look at my record and my plans for our City, and let’s do this together.”

Early voting will begins November 3 and ends November 11. The run-off election is Saturday, November 18.