LaToya: Prepare for Tropical Storm Nate


The latest news shows that Tropical Storm Nate is headed for the Gulf and its winds could start affecting Louisiana as early as Saturday. Forecasters report that it is expected to strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane and reach New Orleans on Sunday morning.

The New Orleans metro area is under a hurricane watch and is under forecast to receive 3-6 inches of water. As you are aware, our pumping and drainage system are compromised, but the system has improved since the Aug. 5 flood and there are 26 emergency generators available for the stations and the Louisiana National Guard will be monitoring the pump stations.

This is a fast-moving deadly storm and shouldn’t be taken likely, so now is the time to put your plan into action.

Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind as you prepare for the storm:

  • Louisiana Secretary of State has decided to close all Orleans Parish early voting at 3 pm Saturday, October 7
  • There is a mandatory curfew for Orleans Parish beginning at 7 pm Saturday, October 7
  • Mayor Landrieu has issued a mandatory evacuation for residents in eastern New Orleans–Lake Catherine, Venetian Isles and Irish Bayou–that are outside of the city’s levee protection system. The evacuation begins at 12 pm Saturday, October 7.
  • Nate is expected to bring heavy wind—possibly hurricane force winds—so please secure or bring into your residence items from the outside, secure hurricane shutters, and avoid going outside
  • Get the City’s latest updates by visiting
  • If you’re a senior or someone with medical needs, please sign up for the special needs registry in case you require assistance for an evacuation, or a power outage
  • If you haven’t already, sign up for emergency alerts from the City.
  • Regularly check your local news for Nate’s latest tracking and what meteorologists are predicting for New Orleans.
  • Nate is expected to bring heavy wind—possibly hurricane force winds—so please secure or bring into your residence from the outside anything that could be blown around and cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s.
  • Sandbags will be available at the following New Orleans Fire Department stations 24 hours a day, starting Friday, Oct. 6 (bring your own shovel; bags are provided with a limit of six bags per person):

A mandatory evacuation is not expected, but it is advisable to review your evacuation plan should you decide to leave, and to prepare for a possible power outage. Here are some helpful links:

  • Evacuation: make a travel plan, depending on the storm’s track, and make arrangements for staying somewhere safe and out of harm’s way.
    • Evacuspots: these are the 17 pickup locations throughout the city where anyone can get transportation out of New Orleans in the case of a mandatory evacuation. A mandatory evacuation is not expected at this time.
  • The Red Cross provides a good checklist for things you should do and have on hand in case of a hurricane.
  • If there is flooding, please do not drive, but if it is an emergency, then please drive slowly so you don’t cause a wake, sending water into nearby homes.
  • Barriers will be placed on the roads; please respect these barriers and don’t drive in these areas.

Please stay safe and make a plan. Let’s remember that we are in this together and together our community will weather this storm.