Councilwoman Guidry Endorses LaToya

New Orleans City District A Councilmember Susan G. Guidry is backing her colleague LaToya Cantrell in her bid to become New Orleans’ next mayor. Guidry has served alongside Cantrell for five years on the Council and says that Cantrell’s experience, knowledge of government, impressive leadership ability, tenacious spirit, and compassion for our citizens make her the best choice. She is confident that Cantrell will diligently work in the best interest of our entire community.

“I’ve always admired how LaToya fearlessly tackles important issues head-on in an effort to get to the bottom of a situation to obtain a workable solution,” Guidry says.

As the Chair of the City Council’s Criminal Justice Committee, Guidry stated that she values Cantrell’s support with criminal justice reform initiatives.

“She shares my vision of creating an equitable system that will work for all involved,” said Guidry.

Guidry says that Cantrell was also one of the driving forces behind the passing of the City Council’s Smoke-Free Ordinance, which she and Cantrell co-sponsored. She stated that Cantrell had an innate ability to build consensus within the community and the Council. Together the two of them met with businesses and workers that would be affected first-hand by the proposed law. They held numerous public meetings, and tirelessly prepared effective legislation that their fellow Councilmembers could support. They faced opposition together and proved to the community that passing the Smoke-Free Ordinance was the right thing to do and would not adversely affect the business community.

More than two years later, the hospitality industry continues to flourish and its workers are no longer forced to breathe secondhand smoke. Passing that law remains one of the proudest moments the two of them have shared on the New Orleans City Council.

“We need a mayor that can hit the ground running to face the challenges that plague our city. There is no time for on the job training. LaToya is ready to take on those challenges,” Guidry says. “She has proven her ability to obtain results that benefit our community and that put the well-being of our citizens first.”