LaToya Cantrell endorsed for mayor by | The Times-Picayune |The Times-Picayune has endorsed New Orleans City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell for Mayor.

From the endorsement:

“The next mayor of New Orleans will need to be able to navigate the line between preservation and progress. How do we honor our history and build for the future? How do we ensure New Orleanians with long roots in the city don’t get pushed out because of a squeeze in the housing market and rising costs? How do we make room for the fresh ideas and energetic new residents who will help us move forward?

“There is one candidate for mayor we believe is best equipped to meet these challenges: LaToya Cantrell.”

“Ms. Cantrell’s plans are not necessarily unique, but she has shown an ability to build coalitions and get things done that other candidates in the race can’t rival. As a neighborhood leader and then a council member, she has seen what works in the city’s bureaucracy and what doesn’t. That gives her a head start on fixing the city’s failings….

“Ms. Cantrell came here for college at Xavier University and never left. She is dogged in her commitment to New Orleans, and she has the savvy and the energy to move the city into a new century.”

Read the full endorsement from The Times-Picayune editorial board