LaToya Cantrell on a ‘tale of two cities’: The New Orleans Advocate candidate preview

From the article:

LaToya Cantrell is pointing out New Orleans’ economic divisions with her “tale of two cities” campaign slogan.

“Cantrell, 45, also seems intent on contrasting her own style of leadership with that of the outgoing mayor, promising to tackle the city’s problems without attracting the same reputation that Mitch Landrieu did for unilateral, sometimes high-handed decisions.

‘As mayor, you have to listen and you have to build consensus, and then you deliver. It’s not a ruling or a swing of a gavel that the decision is made and is final,’ Cantrell said. ‘That’s not how you get consensus and win-wins for a very diverse group of people.'”

LaToya certainly fights for what she believes will help the greater good, and she has done so as both a community activist and a city councilwoman.

“‘I fight to get things done, and I get results,” Cantrell said. “I’m battle-tested.'”
She’s also shown herself to be “someone willing to listen to multiple sides of an issue and change her mind if necessary.”

Read the full article by Jessica Williams and Jeff Adelson, published by The New Orleans Advocate on Sept. 26, 2017 here.