Grace Notes: LaToya Cantrell offers implicit contrasts

New Orleans City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell offered some implicit contrasts between the two women vying to become the city’s first female mayor.

While Charbonnet had stressed her family’s generational local roots, Cantrell, a California native who attended Xavier University and never left, talked of finding her “soul” in New Orleans. Charbonnet, who hit the gender angle hard, entered to the hit “Girl on Fire,” but Cantrell invited fully dressed-out Mardi Gras Indians on the stage and basically shrugged off the idea of becoming the first woman mayor. Charbonnet’s announcement focused on her background as municipal court judge, and Cantrell’s leaned heavily on her history as a neighborhood advocate in Broadmoor.

The speech, punctuated by a lively delivery heavy with frequent ad-libs, also hinted at a contrast in personality. While all but admitting that Charbonnet may be smoother and more polished, Cantrell owned what she described as her “passion.”


Read the full column from The Advocate’s Stephanie Grace published on July 19.