Kicking off mayoral bid, Cantrell proposes idea of electing New Orleans police chief separately

“As City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell kicked off her mayoral campaign Tuesday night in Broadmoor, she said she has been considering the idea of changing the structure of city government to make the chief of the New Orleans Police Department a separately elected position to increase law-enforcement accountability to the public…

“One possible way to make the police department more responsive, Cantrell said to applause, would be to change the city charter to elect a police chief independently instead of making him a political appointment by the mayor.

“‘It’s working in our sister parishes. It’s working in other communities across the country,’ Cantrell said. ‘It’s something we do need to be mindful of, and I want to have that conversation as your mayor.’

“The idea is just a topic she wants to explore thus far based on ideas from constituents, and would ultimately require a vote by the public to change the structure of city government, Cantrell said. But it would offer one definite advantage of providing autonomy and consistency in the city’s police force that is insulated from the whims of changing mayoral administrations.”

Read the full, original article from Uptown Messenger, written by Robert Morris and published on June 14, 2017.