LaToya Cantrell: “My soul found its home in New Orleans”

LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans City Councilwoman and mayoral candiate was featured in the 2016 film, “I Rise.” This film draws inspiration from Andra Day’s song “Rise Up” and features African-American women leaders.

“My soul found its home in New Orleans,” Cantrell said.

She describes what it was like to help restore the neighborhood of Broadmoor, which was destined for green space after Hurricane Katrina.

“As we were told ‘no’, we said ‘yes!'” 

She knows first-hand what it was like to stand together with members of her community to help it rise again.

“I was never alone. I was never alone in any of this,” she said. “It’s the people… We will continue to rise up and be better.”

Watch the film here: